Day 1
13 Nov 2019
Day 2
14 Nov 2019

Keynote 1 – Big Data, AI and Chemoinformatics as Drivers for Innovation in Drug Discovery

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are increasingly prominent in the chemical industry, in particular with respect to Big Data. These development have the potential to automate and speed-up the key...
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Prof. Igor V. Tetko
10:05 - 10:30

Coffee Break

ROUND TABLE 1: AI in Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery

Bioinformatics concerns the development of databases and algorithms for learning, managing and processing biological information. AI techniques constitute powerful tools for many bioinformatics applications ranging from DNA sequencing, to protein...
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Prof. Elia Biganzoli
12:45 - 14:05


Keynote 2 – AI from research to care: state of the art and challenges

The complexity of research and care in the healthcare domain is compounded by the multiple levels that span from the molecular to the environmental and all of these levels generate...
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Robert Alexander

ROUND TABLE 2: AI in Clinics

The applications of AI in Medicine let us to improve the quality of healthcare provided to patients. Many fields benefit of AI innovative techniques: Diagnostics (e.g., early diagnosis of “time...
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Prof. Clara Balsano

Keynote 3 – Dystopia as a cause of dyspepsia: Cautionary tales about the application of AI

Swiftly, medicine is becoming a data-centered discipline and, beyond the traditional statistical approaches, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, more in particular, Machine Learning (ML) are attracting much interest for the analysis...
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Prof. Alfredo Vellido
17:00 - 17:25

Coffee Break

Keynote 4 – AI for chronic conditions and elderly care: what is the role of technology

The national healthcare system is subject to strong pressures that mine the long term sustainability of the system. According to the Italian National Statistic Institution, 85% of Italians above 65...
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Daniela Scaramuccia

ROUND TABLE 3: AI in Health Care

AI methods and techniques are taking on an increasingly important role in supporting elderly and frail people, living either in private homes or protected houses. Robotics, Assistive Technology, Sensor-based Monitoring...
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Dr. Massimo Esposito

ROUND TABLE 4: AI in Well Being

AI plays a crucial role in “Positive Computing” (a.k.a. “Computing for Well-Being”) where m-Health, wearable and ambient sensors, Applied Games, Gamification, IoT, and Virtual Reality are synergistically used for the...
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Prof. Stefano Rovetta
10:00 - 10:25

Coffee Break

ROUND TABLE 5: Education in AI and Health

In specialized training related to AI and health there are two specular aspects: on one hand, the need to make ICT university students studying Big Data and AI aware of...
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Prof. Marco Antoniotti

Keynote 5 – Artificial Intelligence for Surveillance and Public Health

Many AI-based applications have been created in the recent years to improve public health outcomes. From monitoring adverse drug reactions or to more accurately predict the flu or the next...
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Daniela Paolotti
12:15 - 13:35


Speed Pitches

Chair: Lucia Sacchi, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione Università degli Studi di Pavia, Italy   Marco Sacco, STIIMA-CNR, Italy  Enzo Veltri Università della Basilicata, Italy  Sara Moccia, Università Politecnica delle...
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ROUND TABLE 6: EU and Italian Initiatives in AI and Health

EU and Italian institutions will present their initiatives in AI and Health. Chair: Manuel Roveri, Observatory for AI – Politecnico di Milano, Italy Participants: Marta Calderaro, APRE, Agenzia per la...
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