ROUND TABLE 1: AI in Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery

13 Nov 2019
10:30 - 12:45
Room Pirelli

ROUND TABLE 1: AI in Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery

Bioinformatics concerns the development of databases and algorithms for learning, managing and processing biological information. AI techniques constitute powerful tools for many bioinformatics applications ranging from DNA sequencing, to protein classification, and to the analysis of gene expressions on DNA microarrays.

In the pharmaceutical industry the application of AI can enhance almost all stages of the drug discovery process, including the preliminary but crucial stages of designing a drug’s chemical structure and investigating the effect of a drug both in basic preclinical research and clinical trials.

Chair: Elia Biganzoli, Università Statale Milano, Italy


  • Giorgio Valentini, Università Statale di Milano, Italy
  • Clelia di Serio, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy
  • Ivano Eberini, Università Statale di Milano, Italy
  • Pavel Karpov Helmholtz Zentrum-München – German (GmbH), Germany
  • Giulio Vistoli, Universita Statale di Milano, Italy
  • Antonio Pelliccia, Business Development Healthcare and Life Science – IBM Italia
  • Antonio Servadio, Università Statale di Milano – Italy
  • Gaia Panina, Novartis, Italy